Excellent talent has always emerged in the music industry. In a similar vein to how this is sweeping the globe, the young American rapper has become ingrained in everyone’s consciousness. His captivating voice and distinctive lyrics have drawn a lot of interest. We are discussing Luh Tyler, a teenage rapper, here. We go over the upcoming superstar’s life, professional development, and a lot more in this post.


Luh Tyler is the well-known alias of Tyler Meeks. This young performer is a rapper from America. Tyler is a professional rapper and songwriter. With his endearing songs and charisma, the up-and-coming sensation has drawn in crowds. sweeping the rap scene worldwide. The young rapper’s nationality is American. In Tallahassee, Florida, he was born. Our research indicates that his Zodiac sign is Pisces and his religion is Christianity.

Physical Appearance

The youthful, well-known rapper exudes charm on stage. Luh is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. I would estimate that he weights about 50 kg, or 110 pounds. As distinctive as he sounds, so is his physical look. The attention is drawn in by the light brown hair and brown eyes. His two tattoos further enhance his overall muscular appearance. He appears more assured and expressive as a result.

How old is Luh Tyler

Wikipedia states that Tyler Meeks was born on February 18, 2006. In April 2024, Luh Tyler will be eighteen years old.

Early life

Florida is where Tyler Meeks was born. His single mother reared him. Since he was a little child, Luh has been the target of numerous criticisms due to his single mother. He grew up in a difficult setting. There, he went through numerous hardships. Even at school, he endured abuse. Luh has experience with drugs, violence, and poverty. As a result, he turned to music for solace and at a very young age started writing songs and rapping. But his family was always there to help him accomplish his goal. either his mother acting as a manager or his sister working together. In addition, his immediate family has always been there for him.


Being famous is not an easy road. To become famous, one must be very patient and dedicated. Luh has, of course, faced several challenges throughout his career. This is the corresponding career graph: 

  • His career began with him posting original music videos and freestyle raps on YouTube.
  • as his YouTube account expanded. He quickly began sharing movies on other social media networks.
  • The song “Law & Order” went viral on TikTok in 2022.
  • His notoriety in 2022 brought about a much-needed sea change. when Luh joined Atlantic Records as a record signing.
  • He appeared on “Florida Water” alongside Ski Mask the Slump God in February 2022.
  • The lead single, “Luh Me” was made available in March 2022.    
  • He then released “Luh You”, “Luh Life”, and “Luh Money”. Each of these single releases managed to establish a connection with the audience.
  • He later worked with a number of well-known figures in the music industry.
  • The debut mixtape, “My Vision,” was released on March 31, 2023.
  • The updated version of the mixtape was made available on April 4, 2023.
  • Meek revealed something on Instagram in January 2024. The “Better off Alone Tour” featuring Boogie Wit da Hoodie would feature him, he stated.  


Tyler’s familial background has not been widely shared. He usually manages to keep them out of the spotlight. However, he has shown his mother how much he loves her in this social media post. Additionally, it’s thought that he has siblings. He has never disclosed their name or line of work.

Relationship Status

Luh is a devoted lover in addition to his concentration on music. He was romantically involved with Influencer and model Laila. In 2022, they connected on Instagram and eventually exchanged messages. Luh and Laila announced their relationship to the world in June 2022. They announced their relationship to the world by posting a photo of themselves cuddling. The pair continues to support one another and exchanges affectionate photos on a regular basis. Additionally, they have been dubbed the cutest pair in the world of rap. Well, Tyler has used a variety of songs to express his love and affection.    

Luh Tyler Net Worth

His rising fame has drawn a lot of interest in him. The accolades quickly translated into prosperity. He makes most of his money from music, though. The rapper’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is $1.5 million.

Social Media

The musical icon has established himself on every social media platform available. The list of his social handles is as follows:

Social Media SitesSocial Media Handle
Twitter (X) @RealLuhTyler
Facebook @LuhTylerMusic
Official Websiterealluhtyler.com


Everyone’s heart is touched by the youthful rapper Luh Tyler. from big record labels to songs on the charts. He has experienced everything at such a young age. However, the enthusiasm and distinctive lyrics he writes are what really grow his fan base. His dedication to the workplace culture distinguishes him and demonstrates his maturity. His tale is one of commitment, fervor, confidence, and diligence. Anybody can readily pursue success if they have all four of these at once.